Make a Payment

We Proudly support the payment of Bitcoin on all our services. If you would like to pay your invoice with Bitcoin, please follow the instructions on this page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out directly to

Pay Directly Through Link

How to pay your invoice with Bitcoin:
1. Click on the button on this page and a link will open in your browser.

2. Enter all the details required including your email address, full name, address, and the invoice number associated with your payment. Once the form has been filled, select 'next'.

3. Enter the dollar amount (CAD) associated with your invoice and the Bitcoin amount will be automatically calculated.

4. Copy the one-time address generated on the website page or scan the QR Code given.

5. If using the one-time address, open your crypto wallet or the exchange service you use and paste the one-time address into the sender field.

6. Confirm the amount you are sending is correct, and press send.

Pay Directly Through QR Code

How to pay your invoice with Bitcoin:
1. Open your crypto wallet or the exchange service you want to pay your invoice with.

2. Select Bitcoin as the currency you want to pay with.

3. Enter the dollar amount shown on your Zen Tree Care invoice as the amount you would like to send.

4. Proceed to selecting a recipient. On most platforms, you will see a QR code icon. Select this icon and a QR code scanner will appear on your device.

5. Use the QR code scanner to scan the QR code on this page. This will auto-fill the address you're making the payment to (Zen Tree Care).

6. Please add your invoice number as a note.

7. Preview the transaction before sending to ensure the dollar amount being sent is correct.

8. Validate the transaction and send.